Progressive world and analysis with few words

Morality, Honesty, Good Manners, Behavior The manifestation of elegant personality. There comes a time in our lives when these characteristics are controlled by the individual himself, although this foundation was laid in our childhood in our own home in the atmosphere of our own culture. Like the early story of a pet parrot. Scenes of puppet dancing seen at fairs as a child.

They say as they go, as they say, as they go.

The first guru of life is the first teacher’s parents. Then comes the environment in which people grew up. A child in a music-loving family must have a curiosity about music. In the atmosphere of music, he would unknowingly touch the fine strings of setar-veena-tanpura. In the same way, if there is a huge library in a house, the child of that house will easily develop the habit of reading books. Is it normal?

But exceptions can never be examples.

The world has changed and now the world is moving towards progress and development ahead of the clock. The whole world in the palm of your hand. In this age of virtual reality, the feelings of expressing one’s thoughts while sitting side by side are on the verge of extinction. we are immersed in a three-dimensional sensory environment.

In the nineties, children used to listen to the moonlight in the light of the moonlight. On the way to extinction, Kanamachhi, Gollachut, and Kabaddi are practiced. It shows that these generations are damaged not only mentally but also physically. Apparently which we do not see. From the beginning of creation, that same intervening time is 24 hours. The sun rises and sets at the right time every day. Yet there is no time in the hands of the people. Does a busy life really diminish the touch of modernity, the connection of each other’s lives, the feeling of selfless brotherhood? Working parents do not have time to share some happy moments with their children.

The child is forced to be busy in all modern video games. Infinite networking facilities are easily lost in the dark world of the net. In the context of which thousands of types of juvenile delinquency are created in the society which is constantly floating in the news pages. This lack of time has a negative effect on the child’s mind due to a lack of mutual communication.

Naturally, sincerity tends to diminish. Although we will fall behind if we do not know how to float in the flow of time, we will fall behind the civilization, but a healthy environment suitable for the tender-hearted needs a healthy atmosphere, otherwise the words of sincerity, friendship and love will also be hidden.

Author: Aditi Tuli(Student) Dhaka Central International Medical College

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