How to keep a floor shiny?

Home floor cleaning is very essential, Tidying up your home, while dusting the corners of the floor, is very eye-catching. Floor cleaning is a daily routine in most homes, but it is quite a chore. Because flooring is not the same in all homes. Let’s take a look at how to clean a floor.

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First of all let’s come to the ceramic tiles. Only lukewarm water is enough to clean such floors. But before that, sweep or clean with a vacuum cleaner. Never sponge mop to clean the floor of ceramic tiles. This will allow more dust to get into the grooves of the tiles. Clean with a microfiber mop if needed.

The flooring of the study or part of the house is preferred by many. In that case, take hot water to clean the hardwood floor. Soak two bags in lukewarm water. Wipe the wooden floor with it. The tannic acid in the tea will brighten the floor. Wipe the floor with a light cotton cloth soaked in tea water. In this case, there is no need to dip the cloth and wipe it thoroughly.

Many times after wiping the wooden floor, it may be noticed that there are some scratches left on the floor which are quite noticeable. Then rub the floor with a crayon. Then blow on that part with a blow dryer. Finally, wipe the stain with a soft cloth. You see, the stains disappear.

If the floor is made of vinyl again, mix the borax powder in warm water. Wiping the vinyl floor with it will make it absolutely shiny.

In many cases, the floor is covered with black stains of rubber soles. It doesn’t want to get stained for a long time. In that case, use steel wool. You can remove the stain with fine wool.

If there is dirt around the furniture and inadvertently, keep a brush for it. Dust can be easily swept through it.

For many days, the floor of the tiles can be wiped with soapy water to get water stains. In that case-mix half a cup of white vinegar, half a cup of ammonia, and a quarter cup of borax powder in four liters of warm water. After wiping the floor of the tiles in that water, you have to wipe it again in clean water. After that, you will see how the brightness of the floor has returned!

In the case of laminate flooring, the cleaning rules are different. Cleaning the floor with a liquid is more likely to damage the laminate. Clean this type of floor with dry mopping and a vacuum cleaner.

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